Studio and Gallery
312 Fifth Avenue
Portland, TX 78374
Studio and Gallery
312 Fifth Avenue
Portland, TX 78374
"Above and Below"
features the
collaborative works of
Dinah Bowman and  
renowned surf
photographer, Jon
Steele!  Come see their
interpretations of the
Texas Coastal Bend at
its finest!

For a quick view of the
works, please see them
below.  To enjoy them
in person visit the
Felder Gallery in Port
Aransas, Texas!

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Felder Gallery
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Dinah Bowman and Jon Steele with "Lone Surfer"  
(Photo Courtesy of Felder Gallery)

The dream-like quality of this
amazing classic photograph of a fine
day of Texas surf and surfer by Jon
Steele is emphasized by a modified
Blacktip shark (also a Texas
resident) print by Dinah Bowman has
made this a favorite of many!  A
must see!!  

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"Legends of the Pier"

This film reel features the photographic
work of Jon Steele flanked by species
previously and currently found to be
popular inhabitants of our piers found
along the Texas shoreline.

Species included (top to bottom): Tern,
Brown Pelican, Jon Steele original
photograph, Tarpon, Sawfish, and

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"Lone Surfer"

This work features a Jon Steele
photograph of a surfer walking along the
Texas coastline on top, masterfully
blended into an original watercolor and
original gyotaku by Dinah Bowman on
the bottom.  The gyotaku features
several species commonly found in the
Texas surf-- Speckled Trout, a Souther
Stingray, and a Blue Crab.  This piece
offers an amazing perspective of life
above and below the waterline!

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"Silver Kings of the Pier"

Recycling at its absolute finest!  This
sculptural work features a photograph
of fine Texas surf by Jon Steele,
coupled with some its more historical
and famous residents-- Tarpon, also
known as "Silver Kings" by locals
(white in black gyotaku by Dinah
Bowman).  The weathered pallet
finishes the experience of this work by
offering the viewer an opportunity to
look through the slats of a pier!

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